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Elegant Earrings

Sitting down with millions of beads and jewelry components, I find it almost impossible to create a small and simple pair of earrings. Most of my earrings tend to be 2 inches or longer in length. Apparently, I am designing earrings for this faceless, mystery woman who lived in the 19th century, as well as for Helen Roper from Three’s Company.   I hope you are as attracted to these romantic dangle earrings as I am. I support the notion that earrings are the most important accessory and they can instantly transform an outfit or a desired look. If this is not your desired style, I am currently and seriously working on a collection of earrings that are smaller and more conservative…. so stay tuned for the “INTROVERTED LOBE” section that will be coming in the future. Also, please check out my other collection of earrings in the FUN and UNUSUAL EARRINGS section of this website for some more extroverted lobe action.

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