Monarch Butterfly Feather Necklace

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Just like a butterfly’s wings are DELICATE… so is this necklace.  The wings on this 3 inch by 2 inch Monarch butterfly are actually made from bird feathers, so you must be very careful when wearing it.    The body of the butterfly is made of a black, soft plastic/rubber material.   The butterfly is attached to the black coated brass-based chain by two jump rings that are attached to a thin layer of plastic which is adhered to the back of the butterfly’s wings.   The flat oval cable chain necklace is approximately 17 inches in total length and is finished with a black lobster style clasp.   Note:   No returns on this necklace- the price is low on purpose to account for a potential short life due to the delicacy of materials.  If you are super careful with it, you can enjoy it for a long time.

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