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Oreo Cookie Earrings

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A survey was conducted at the beginning of this century that studied the method in which people eat Oreos and how it relates to their personality.  The results found that milk dunkers tended to be more outgoing, energetic, and adventurous.  Top twisters were more artistic and emotional.  Immediate biters were confident, and optimistic.  Also interesting, was that Republicans tended to dunk, while Democrats twisted.  These tiny, mini-seized Oreo cookie earrings are one inch in diameter and are about a 1/2 inch in width.  These handmade Oreo cookie earrings were created with polymer clay and finished with glass, Czech beads and silver plated (nickel free) hardware.  The total length of the earrings is approximately 2 and 1/4 inches.  In any event, although they may look tantalizing, these earrings are NOT edible.  (Please keep them store them away from children.)

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