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Secret Message Morse Code Stretchy Bracelet

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I saw this idea a while back, and decided to make my own version of a secret message bracelet (in Universal Morse Code) for a loved one, with an emphasis on HEALING.  I have had several people show interest in this concept/style piece of jewelry, so I decided to offer them in the my online shop.    For 12 dollars…you are able to custom design your own stretchy bracelet where you are able to select the color in the tubular glass beads (Bugle Beads) that represent the ‘dashes’ and you can also select the color of your glass, fire-polished Czech beads to represent the ‘dots’.  Each individual letter of the message will be separated by a spacer bead-the spacer beads can colorful plastic or metal discs, or sparkly rhinestone spacer beads. The type of Morse code used will be ‘Universal Morse Code’, as opposed to American Morse code.  You will also receive a little translator sheet for your gift recipient to have fun decoding your message.   Some examples of common messages are a series of words put together… For example, HEALTH, HEALING, FAITH, LOVE, STRENGTH, PERSERVERENCE, KINDNESS…  I will send you a photo of your request when I am done making it and get your final approval.  Please send me your message and desired bead color choices to the following email address:  [email protected]

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