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Tabby Cat with Yellow Yarn Earrings

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Do cats really like to play with yarn… or is that just something we are told?  Anyway, knitting with a cat in your lap can be challenging, so maybe you can just wear the concept on your ears.  (What?)  These unique, one of a kind, earrings, feature gorgeous vintage Japanese glass beads from the 1920s. These light banana yellow colored beads are hollow and are approximately a half an inch in diameter.  The bead represents a ball of yarn and the string is represented by tiny pale yellow glass seed beads.  Dangling beneath the ‘yarn ball’ is an adorable tabby cat charm.  The cat head is approximately 3/4 of an inch in dimension.  These average weight earrings are finished with gold-toned (nickel-free) French style ear wires, and are approximately 2 and 3/4 inches in total length.   No one else will be wearing these to your next knitting circle!

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