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Angry Bearded Man Silver Pendant

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Is this man masquerading as a Viking?  Is he unhappy?  Angry?  Or just too tough to smile?  Wearing this necklace might attract a few questions from strangers, but if they have the nerve to ask about it, then you are entitled to fabricate the story about who he is… you can tell them that it is an image of the man from a recurring dream …someone that you are destined to meet as your future husband, and you are just wearing it on your neck to remind yourself of what he looks like in a modern day Cinderella fashion.  WHHAAATTT… I digress. This handmade pendant was molded from 925 sterling silver clay, fired in a kiln, and sanded smooth.  The back of the pendant has somewhat of a pattern and is slightly concave.  The pendant itself is approximately a 1/2 inch by 7/8 of an inch.   I am giving you this 16 inch silver toned necklace (nickel free) as a freebie, but you can put this pendant on any length chain that you might have in your jewelry wardrobe.


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