Mahogany Lantern Earrings

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These unique earrings were created using vintage gold washed maroon-colored lantern beads.  These mahogany colored focal beads are made of a lightweight Lucite material and are approximately 20 mm by 12 mm in dimension.  The beads are topped with a gold toned double crown shaped component that sandwiches a ring of clear rhinestones.  The earrings are finished with maroon stained ribbed beads and tiny tan shaped pearls.  The ear wires are raw brass lever style with tiny shells/leaves on the front.  Note:   The pattern on the beads is not 100% perfect, but that is the beauty of vintage components.  Please see the close up pics of side to see slight, but adorable, imperfection.  The total length of each earrings is  approximately 2  inches.

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