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Parisian Glass Blown Balloon Earrings

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Take a hot air balloon ride around Paris, or just wear these earrings and get the same exhilarating sensation.  Maybe.  These glass blown earrings are reminiscent of  an old fashioned hot air balloon in the 19th century flying over the Eiffel Tower.   Again, a stretch, but nonetheless, these are cool earrings.  They measure approximately  two and 1/4 inches in length and are finished with small Czech glass and antique bronze toned (nickel free) hardware.  Note:  No two pieces of the striped glass will be identical…as you can see in the picture, the distance between stripes may vary, which adds to the unique look of the earrings.  The earrings are made of glass, so please treat them accordingly… in other words, no violent sneezing.

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