Spider Web and Lucky Fly Earrings

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The chances of a fly escaping a spider web AFTER being ensnared is slim, however, this little 1/2 inch brass fly lucked out.   The closer the insect gets caught towards the center of the web, the harder it is for the insect to escape.  Luckily, this spider web has a beautiful little crystal rhinestone in the center, instead of a spider.  The little gold toned spider web component has a diameter of approximately a 1/2 inch.  Wear these earrings on the day you find out about the bullet you dodged by breaking up with that crazy narcissistic  boyfriend BEFORE he asked you to marry him.    The earrings are finished with gold-toned (nickel-free) French style ear wires.   The total length of these earrings is approximately 2 inches.

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