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Trypophobia Desensitization Wreath

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Trypophobia is an actual, recognized phobia which is defined as the fear of clustered holes.   Within the last five years, I have been unsuccessfully trying to develop this phobia because I am so intrigued with it.  My students would bring me dried lotus pods as gifts, instead of apples, but I was more entertained than disturbed.  Unfortunately,  there are people who cannot eat strawberries due to the fact there there are little indented holes in the fruit that are filled with lurking seeds.  Golf is out of the question!  Some people cannot use a household sponge, nor can they look at a seeded lotus flower because they fear what may be potentially from within.    I decided to create a wreath to help people desensitize themselves from this phobia with the addition of humor.  Hopefully, the trypophobic person will see this wreath as comical and the sight of the harmless fireman hiding in one of the holes will be the cure that he or she needed.   This wreath features five dried and spray- painted lotus pods, three actual wasp nests, and around 20 artificial strawberries.  I spray painted the lotus pods and organic wasp nests with metallic paint and added an layer of acrylic sealant.  Inside the lotus pods are various tiny items from doll heads to plastic frogs.  The handmade bronze and silver bow has its own trypophobic characteristics in the design.  The wreath itself is spray painted a gold sparkly color.  The wreath measures approximately 16 in by 19 inches.  Please see all of the pictures.  Note:  Please check out my single Trypophobia ornament in the ornament section of this website.  The price reflects the amount of time that it took to create this!



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