Vintage Victorian Tin Photo Boyfriend Necklace

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This very cool and authentic antique tin photograph of a handsome (not haunted) man from the 1800’s is the focal point of this beaded necklace.  In the 19th century, the workers at the photographic studios would hand paint faint rosy cheeks on the men and women in the pictures.  You can see that this gentleman had his black and white photo enhanced with that treatment.  It’s funny to know that people have been altering photos since the onset of photography.   The size of the frame (including the picture) is approximately 1 and 1/4 inches by 1 and 3/4 inches.    The colors of the 3 mm beads alternate between a gray and antique gold color.  The necklace comes with a whimsical Victorian style silver toned clasp featuring a hand clasping a ring.  The total length of the necklace is approximately 17  inches.

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