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Handpicked Fruit Paperclip Charm Necklace

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Hands down, this vintage style paperclip charm necklace was handpicked especially for you.  This gold-toned (nickel free) necklace features 11 glass charms:  9 hollow-back brass hands are holding individual fruits/nuts.  Some of the fruits/nuts include:  strawberry, banana, lemon, lime, orange, and almond.  The other two charms are brass grape leaves that are holding little bunches of green and purple grapes.  This unique design necklace is one of a kind (although I may make more copies of this necklace in the future…)  I individually attached each charm via wire wrapping.   (Each raw brass hand charm has a hollow back)  The total length of the necklace is approximately 16 inches, and it is finished with a beautiful gold toned lobster style clasp.  The necklace has a solid, healthy weight to it.

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