Secret Admirer Victorian Heart Wreath

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In Victorian times, flowers were a form of cryptographic communication.    Yellow roses declared jealousy, orange roses indicated desire, and pink roses meant you were grateful.  Red roses, however, were  typically reserved to express love, admiration, or romance.  White roses were meant to send the message that you are worthy of someone’s affection.  This organic based heart wreath was dusted with garnet red spray paint and then adorned with an authentic picture of a 19th century mustached gentleman in the center surrounded by luxurious gray faux fur.  His admirer is standing in one of the aortic chambers staring longingly in the distance.  She is a reproduction of a Victorian photo, but to make up for that,  she was crowned with a white feathery hat and shiny silver scarf.  In the other ventricle, is a beaded pearl ring holding a sparkly heart ornament.  The “KEY” to the admirer’s heart is literally hanging from the center of the wreath, along with a red shiny ‘pine’cone.  The ferns and roses are faux, but the sentiments of this wreath are as real as you can get!  The dimensions are approximately 12 inches wide by 10 inches high.

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