Horse Head Wreath

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Do you know someone who loves horses or horseback riding?   This horse head wreath is made entirely of faux pine branches of different varieties.  Each branch was tirelessly hand wired into a frame and they are not going anywhere!   The eye is the bottom of a faux pear fruit.  This stylish horse is wearing a Gucci inspired bee ribbon around his neck and has a red and green plaid halter.  He also comes with a cute silver chain  and three silver bells with holly berries.   The wreath is backed with a sheet of green velvet so that it does not scratch your wall or door.     This equestrian wreath would look great in any home or stable, and could stay displayed for all seasons.  To preserve this horse head wreath for years to come, this wreath would best be used behind a screen door or under a porch overhang.   It would also look great indoors.  Shipping is included!!! (This purchase does not include wreath hanger.)



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