Scottish Thistle Flower Earrings

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Even though the thistle is actually a weed, it is the oldest recorded national flower dating back to the 13th century when the Vikings attempted to sneak up on Scottish Clansmen, however, they gave themselves away when walking barefoot over the prickly thistles.   Since then, it has been Scotland’s national flower.   In Victorian times, the thistle represented an intrusion or unwanted meddling…so receiving one would be embarassing.   These earrings feature raw hollow brass thistle leave components which measure approximately 1 inch in length and width.  Dangling beneath is a greenish-aqua colored triangular glass stone with gold toned hardware.     The earrings are finished with raw brass (nickel-free) French style ear wires, and the total length of the earrings is approximately 2 and 1/4  inches.

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