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Three’s Company Earrings


Three’s Company Earrings


“Come and Knock on My Door….”  The best theme song in TV sitcom history written by the same person who created the “Sesame Street” theme song.   (If you were born after 1977,  move on to the next jewelry item, as you will not understand what is going on here…)  Suzanne Somers , one of the original roommates named Chrissy,  made the whole show, and these earrings were designed in her honor.   Hanging from Chrissy’s pony tails are her two roommates, Jack and Janet.  They are made of a light plastic material and have a resin coating on the front.   The earrings are finished with Czech glass beads and silver plated (nickel-free) hardware and ear wires.  The total length of the earrings are 2 and 1/4 inches.

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