Blue and White Chinoiserie Pottery Vase Earrings

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There is a current resurgence and obsession with blue and white porcelain pottery lately!  I love wearing these blue and white porcelain puffy vase earrings when shopping for home decor, so when I walk into an antique store I just point to my earrings when someone asks if they can help me.    Blue and white pottery dates back to the 1st century in China and it has never gone out of style.  These medium weight earrings are fun to wear and will definitely bring some excitement to your outfit.  The vases have little birds on them and they are the same pattern on the front and the back.  The earrings are topped with little gold plated accent beads and gold plated (nickel-free) hardware.  The earrings measure approximately and inch and a half in total length.

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