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Men’s Gold Druzy Bead Bracelet

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This bracelet looks awesome on everyone’s wrist and can be worn in both summer and fall months.  This unique bracelet features beautiful golden coated druzy quartz beads that are approximately 10 mm in size.    ‘Druzy’ occurs when mineral deposits seep through agate stone cavities and crystallize from within making a sugary like appearance.  You can see glimpses of the druzy in the pitted nature of these golden beads.  This bracelet also contains three beautiful station beads that were handcrafted in Ghana, Africa.  These gray sandblasted glass beads have a mustard and brown stripe running through the center of each bead.   All beads are secured on a thin leather cord and have an adjustable macramed sliding clasp that is made from black waxed cord.   Hanging from the corded ends are little reddish-gold glass beads.  This bracelet has an adjustable clasp that can fits a man’s wrist from 7 to 9 inches.


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