Winter Owl Wreath

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WHO cannot fall in love with this fluffy white owl who is prominently featured in the center of this beautiful woven wreath?  The fluffy white owl has orange/yellow eyes, a black shiny beak, and sparkly accents to his soft, white coat and feathers.  He is approximately 8 inches tall and 5 and 1/2 inches at his widest midsection.   The wreath, itself, measures approximately 17 inches in diameter.  The woven wreath is made of organic branches and is a muted gray color-accented with small amounts of shimmering, silver glitter giving it a snowy appearance.  The wreath also features some faux icy branches and faux pine branches, as well as silver bulbs.   To preserve the owl’s fluffy coats for years to come, this wreath would best be used behind a screen door or under a porch overhang.  It would also look great indoors.  Shipping is included!!! (This purchase does not include wreath hanger.)


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