Trypophobia Desentisization Necklace

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Trypophobia is the irrational fear of clustered holes.  This charm necklace is intended to act as humorous therapy  method for  individuals who are trying to cure this phobia either for themselves or a friend.  This charm necklace features five anxiety provoking items that trypophobics try to avoid.  I hand made the first four that will be described with polymer clay and I purchased  the final charm described below. The first charm is a hexagonal gray honey comb with tiny people lurking inside three of the holes.  The next charm is a ½ inch long chocolate dipped strawberry.  The third charm is a ¾ inch waffle with syrup.  The fourth charm is a wedge of Swiss Cheese.  Finally, the fifth and most fascinating charm is a bead that I found on the Internet.  This little Boxwood carved lotus pod bead with movable seeds sparked my idea to make this charm necklace.  The 20 inch chain used in this piece is gold plated and has a cool rectangular link.  The clasp consists of a hand clasping a ring on one side and a lobster claw clasp on the other.  (Please see my description for the Trypophobia Desensitization Wreath for background story and more information.)


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